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Where Are We Going Print

Where Are We Going Print

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Lo-fi, “wheatpastable” street poster
All proceeds to be donated to Love & Nappyness
24"x36" blotter pigment print on bond paper
Edition of 50

Kendall Hill

"I work through visual arts as a way to express our ambiguities that can’t be said with words. Realizing that most things are not one or the other, but a mixture and a blur of many emotions and moments at all times. To work through collage, installation, and photography is to commit to visual storytelling in its most playful form. No image is safe from distortion or recomposition, and to walk through an installation is to discover my most private memories. Though oftentimes, those memories are hyperreal, saturated with projections of what is actually fact and what is fiction. Partially a coddling mechanism, visual arts gives me a background to run away to. Using overarching themes and methods of Afro Pessimism, color, reclaim material, and memory, my work sits at the cusp of “where have we been” and “where are we going"

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