Fri. Sep 13, 2013 Fri. Nov 1, 2013

Public Works presents ARCHIZINES, a celebration of the resurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing around the world. 

The touring exhibition, curated by Elias Redstone and initiated in collaboration with the Architectural Association, features 100 architecture magazines, fanzines, and journals from over 20 countries that provide an alternative to the established architectural press. 

Edited by architects, artists and students, these publications provide new platforms for commentary, criticism and research into the spaces we inhabit, and the practice of architecture. They make an important and often radical addition to architectural discourse and demonstrate a residual love for printed matter in the digital age.

The ARCHIZINES project toured to venues in Italy, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Portugal and cities across the United States. The zine installation is created by Design With Company, an architectural practice consisting of Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer. Together, they search for the elusive quality of character within architecture by interweaving stories and objects. Their joyful productions take the form of textual and visual narratives, speculative urban scenarios, installations and small-scale interactive constructions. Their work occupies the territory between buildings and literature (as in fables), real and unreal, mundane and fantastic.