Be of Love: Care in an Age of Discontent

Fri. Jul 12, 2024 Sun. Sep 1, 2024

As summer enters full swing and the sun reminds us of what is good, yet conflicts rake our hearts thin, we take a moment to celebrate the radical act of just “being”, letting go and the power of what follows. Care, the vehicle for real change.

Be of Love is a call to action and a place of respite. In a world fraught with self-consciousness, judgment, and violence, dissolving the self opens up space where love comes easy.

Across a series of process-driven works, eight artists share the meditative joy of making and the ecstatic possibilities of material. Be of Love unearths universal concepts captured in personal gestures, transcending mere objecthood to transmit compassion beyond the surface. 

Inspired by activist and artist Corita Kent, Be of Love makes good on the promise Kent imbued in her colorful and considered works, that contemplative acts of care can build bridges to a better world.

Leslie Baum
Frances Grinnan
Mayumi Oda
Nathaniel Russell
Norman Teague
Cody Tumblin
Hannah Sellers
Maddie Vaccaro


Opening Reception