Estetica Local

Fri. Jun 16, 2023 Sat. Aug 19, 2023

Estetica Local takes the pulse of Chicago’s beating heart with an exhibition of Chicago BIPOC artists curated by Rupture.

A global city, the influence and reach of Chicago’s working artists eclipse borders. But what defines the city’s visual culture here and now?

In partnership with Rupture, a Chicago-based artists-led directory of BIPOC artists (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), Public Works highlights contemporary artists shaping Chicago’s present and future, putting to rest the Eurocentric mythologies upheld by our big-box cultural institutions along the way.

A city is defined by its people and its aesthetic is created by the bravest makers. Estetica Local gives space to emerging and underrepresented artists in an exploratory group show.

Estetica Local 
is curated by Rupture founder, Roland Santana, and presented by Public Works.

Roland Santana, a Chicago-based artist and curator with family roots in Bolivia and Guatemala, created Rupture as a way to cultivate community, with a focus in highlighting BIPOC artists from all backgrounds. Santana believes that there is not one right path for an artist to take, but the road can often feel isolating. By creating a space for conversation and sharing resources amongst peers, Rupture aims to create a metaphorical explosion to break down institutional, economic and accessibility barriers that block many artists today.

Opening Reception
June 16, 7-11pm 

Marcus Bacerra
Sophia Karina English
Derek Holland
Samm Lee
Anwar Mahdi
Marjorie Matamoros
Camilo Medina
Roland Santana


Urban Matter

Opening Reception