Fútbol is Life

Fri. Dec 2, 2022 Fri. Feb 3, 2023

Fútbol is life in every way possible—shared energy, community, collaboration, but also disparity, corruption. 

Fútbol is love. Fútbol is black, white, gay, straight, bi, brown, queer.

Fútbol is death, slavery, bigotry. Fútbol is togetherness and opposition. Fútbol is life.

Every four years, the globe gathers for the World Cup. The event is a perfect metaphor for collaboration and its antithesis. FIFA and Qatar can play host, mired in controversy, but they don’t own the game. The people do. So let’s take it back: transpose it, invert it, and make it our own.

In December, Public Works is celebrating the best parts of the game, transforming our Chicago gallery into a site of global and local community-building. We’re facilitating collaborations from an international cohort of artists, screening select World Cup matches on our giant projection wall (bleachers and all), and gamifying the gallery for players of all ages, offering a fun and safe space for art & soccer enthusiasts to gather and exchange. Fútbol is life. It’s better together.

Opening Reception - RSVP HERE
December 2, 7-11pm

Game Viewing Schedule - RSVP HERE
December 2, 9am & 1pm
December 3, 9am & 1pm
December 9, 9am & 1pm
December 10, 9am & 1pm
December 17, 9am
December 18, 9am

World Cup Game Viewing
Video Wall
Jersey Making Station
Kicking Station

Crest Artists
Baptiste Alchourroun (France)
Pap Souleye Fall (Senegal/USA)
David Heo (USA)
Fuko Ito (Japan/USA)
Lina Müller (Switzerland)
Mara Piccione (The Netherlands)
CHema Skandal! (Mexico/USA)
Ewelina Skowronska (Poland/Japan)

Mural Artists
Pouya Ahmadi (Iran/USA)
Vida Sačić (Croatia/USA)


Pouya Ahmadi (Iran/USA) - Mural Installation
David Heo (USA) - Crest Design
Ewelina Skowronksa (Poland/Japan) - Crest Design
LIna Müller (Switzerland) - Crest Design
Fuko Ito (Japan/USA) - Crest Design
Vida Sačić (Croatia/USA) - Mural Installation
CHema Skandal! (Mexico/USA) - Crest Design
Baptiste Alchourroun (France) - Crest Design
Pap Souleye Fall (Senegal/USA) - Crest Design
Mara Piccione (The Netherlands) - Crest Design