Public Works III

Fri. Sep 9, 2011 Sat. Oct 15, 2011

Public Works 3 is the latest installment of the celebrated Chicago annual art series featuring graphic artists at the hinge of contemporary culture and fine art expression. A group show now in its third year, PW3 focuses on skateboarding and music cultures exclusively. This group of dynamic artists further proves that both the myriad ways to come at the practice of making art and the ways to discover it are embedded in our collective lifestyles and greatly amplify the resonance of the work. As we say–“Art & Design, for the public.”

EVAN HECOX’s inked drawings capture urban dwellings and their dwellers from New York to Mexico with a snapshot style that’s at once hyper-real and romantic. His work has been featured across record covers and art galleries alike, from Chocolate Industries vinyl to white walls in Tokyo, London and Los Angeles. ANDY JENKINS began his art career with buddy Spike Jonze. Tinkers by habit, the pair stormed the scene as editors, illustrators, writers and designers for Freesylin’, BMX Magazine, Warp, Raygun – the list goes on. Andy currently heads the art department at Girl Skateboards and holds the reins of the infamous Art Dump.

MICHAEL CINA is an abstract painter known globally for originating YouWorkForThem, a graphic design boutique, and its sister company, WeWorkForThem, an award-winning design studio. Some of his freshest, darkest creations adorn the covers of Ghostly International releases, where his position as art director has created a signature Ghostly style reminiscent of the glory days of Factory Records. Since the late 90’s CHRIS STRONG has taken the same austere eye with which he photographs solemn, quiet landscapes to music and fashion icons  in and around Chicago – American Football, Wilco, Joan of Arc, Kid Sister, Metric, Califone and Billy Corgan are just a handful of the artists adorning his record covers and magazine spreads.

Michael Cina
Evan Hecox
Andy Jenkins
Chris Strong

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