Love & Nappyness

Wed. Dec 1, 2021 Mon. Jan 31, 2022

“Love & Nappyness” is an ongoing Chicago-based community service initiative founded by musician Matt Muse, that addresses self-love and wellness in the Black community through the lens of haircare. The third annual Hair Care Drive collected natural hair products for donation to a South Side homeless shelter and West Side transition houses. Headlining the fundraising drive was the “Long Hair Don’t Care Show” at the Metro on December 17th, 2021 featuring Jamila Woods, Matt Muse, and Tobi Lou.

Our “Love & Nappyness” exhibit was a street-level campaign consisting of five unique commissioned posters pasted in twenty locations throughout Chicago to support this initiative. Presented in a gallery grid of ten wheat-pasted posters, this exhibit was on view from Dec 13th-31st on the North, West and South sides of the city. Contributing artists Kendall Hill, Greg Gayle, Ezra Sera Peláez, and Donna Dimitrova explore self-love through unique one-color artworks.

This exhibit was part of our fall / winter 2021 initiative “Point of No Return”- a series of music and art shows about perseverance and revival. We believe artists and musicians continue carrying the torch for good vibes during weird times. The overall message? Our beloved Chicago is never down nor ever out.

Kendall Hill
Ezra Sera Peláez
Donna Dimitrova
Greg Gayle

Love & Nappyness Donation Drop-off Partners:
Traphouse Chicago
Christian Fields Style Bar
Nuance Social Barbershop
The Silver Room

Poster Designs

Street Exhibition

Long Hair Don’t Care Show


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