New Nature - Plural

Fri. Jul 12, 2013 Fri. Aug 23, 2013

Imagine a world haunted by the ghosts of the things you cannot see.

What is real? Pairing two artists who observe, process, and transcribe intangible elements onto perceptible representations, Public Works presents Only Real, an exhibition that explores invisible dimensions of our hyper modern world and asserts their respective influence. 

Peter Jellitsch & Theodore Darst work within simulated realities and spaces using both analog and digital processes that set you adrift on a journery into wifi wavelengths and digital interfaces.

Jellitsch works with the physical process of visualizing the invisible virtual structures that are prevalent in everyday life. For his “Data Drawings”, he uses his studio's Wifi bandwidth to generate data that becomes the basis of his hand-drawn diagrammatic landscapes. 

Darst creates imaginative digital environments with their own internal logic, resulting in self-governing visual systems. Collaging fragments of personal narratives through the endless variables of the digital interface, he makes this realm visibly possible to the viewer through his video works and installation.