Public Works Shop: Grand Opening

Fri. Mar 29, 2024 Sun. Jun 9, 2024

Join us for the Grand Opening of the Public Works Shop. We’re reintroducing ourselves to the neighborhood as the one-stop, art & design shop for apparel, home goods, books, music, and more.

This isn't a traditional Public Works exhibition. This time we're shining a light on the space itself. We’ve built a new lounge into our retail space with custom furniture designed by Someoddpilot and crafted by Navillus Woodworks. Grab your own limited edition runs: we’ve created a custom sofa, lounge chair, stool, work table, coffee table, and bench designs, all available for purchase. Park it and read, work, and drink Dark Matter coffee or simply sit and enjoy our turntable listening station stocked with curated music. Shop new apparel and neighborhood collaborations, plus dig into ground breaking art & design work from our past 15 years of exhibitions.

Navillus Woodworks is a Chicago based design-build company specializing in fine furniture, high end millwork, architectural elements, and museum and artist works. Working with some of the leading designers, artists, and architects in the region, Navillus has set itself apart through impeccable craftsmanship, meticulous planning, and a refined eye for contemporary design.

Someoddpilot is Chicago-based creative studio and Public Works’ parent company. Born as a record label, SOP grew up in the indie world with brand and creative work for Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, bands, music venues, record labels and underground culture. They’ve channeled that sensibility into working with new and legacy companies around the world, through branding, creative campaigns and strategic resets.