Space Becomes You

Sun. Nov 18, 2018 Thu. Jun 27, 2019

Welcome cosmic being we’ve been waiting for you. 

Someoddpilot, in looking to expand its creative practice, developed a new mythology—a story born out of the brands that we consume, the gods we create, and the shared languages that mediate these forces. This creative commentary on our contemporary cultural moment crystalized into a capsule collection titled Space Becomes You: a photo book, apparel line, and film. The collection was released as an intermedia art exhibit and experience at Someoddpilot’s own Public Works Gallery.

The photo book, entitled Space Becomes You—A Mythology, was published by Trope and contains a 300-page visual narrative replete with surreal intergalactic landscapes, psychedelic rituals, and curious beings. This capsule collection also marked the debut of Someoddpilot + Public Work's first apparel line.

Trope Publishing Co.
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Fee Lion
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Descent Alive - Archival Pigment Print
Sacred Object View - Archival Pigment Print
It Lies Red - Archival Pigment Print
New Earth View - Archival Pigment Print
Things Unseen - Archival Pigment Print
This World View - Archival Pigment Print
The Arrival View - Archival Pigment Print
Distant Space - Archival Pigment Print
Willful Destruction - Archival Pigment Print

Opening Party