The Neche Collection - Veronica Corzo-Duchardt

Fri. Dec 2, 2011 Sat. Feb 4, 2012

Our first solo show, artist Veronica Corzo - Duchardt’s Neche Collection is a set of minimal, atmospheric prints and print / photo diptychs. Her work as a poster artist informs her approach to this body of work - it’s graphic and personal, reproducible but restrained as one-of-a-kind artifacts. 

Neche Collection retells the story of her grandfather Neche’s life across an archive of his precious, quotidian possessions: shoe horns, graph paper, toys. After his death, Veronica inherited items that spoke clearly about his heritage as a Cuban exile of Lebanese descent, and as a career accountant. She also inherited her grandfather’s desire to document. Making use of abstracted color fields, re-contextualized language and representative graphic renderings, Veronica translates these material touchstones into a paper narrative of her familial history.

Her process is suggestive of a widespread contemporary condition: if today we find ourselves floating between many places, people, and things, perhaps our best way of making sense of our ephemeral memories and intangible experiences is to glean meaning out of material patterns and physical artifacts.

While each print is elegant on its own, in combination they trace the shape of a life.