Ultraviolet Mythology

Fri. Apr 1, 2022 Thu. Jun 30, 2022

Initially slotted for Summer 2020 and then delayed until 2022 due to covid, we launched our new Wicker Park gallery space with Ultraviolet Mythology, a solo exhibition featuring the work of electronic musician and visual artist @_pictureplane_, aka Travis Egedy.  

Egedy’s paintings ruminate on our fascination with power, sex, and beauty in pop culture. The large-scale and process-heavy works were created using a mix of digital output and physical gestures. Spanning painting and works on paper, the body of work aims to provoke and caress all at once. 

The Brooklyn artist is also the founder of paranormal streetwear line @alien_body_official, and collaborated with Public Works to design apparel for this exhibit.

Video Premier + Performances:
Panterah - "Discovery"

Block Club Chicago