Via Fest 2015

Fri. Oct 9, 2015 Sat. Oct 10, 2015

Via Fest 2015 brings art, music and unsanctioned loft parties together for an unpredictable, radical outsider artist experience on Chicago’s west side. 

Public Works and parent company Someoddpilot play artist and sponsor roles simultaneously, bringing together an array of digital video works and giant, large scale printed banners into a daunting installation that leans heavily into analog and pre-digital effects, created by the design and AV team at Someoddpilot. The work, one installation amongs dozens elaborately constructed across the vast warehouse loft space, deconstructs and reconstructs identity, pulling at the boundaries of what is real, imagined and manipulated.

Public Works x Someoddpilot collaborated with Sam Rolfes on the fest identity and flyers and posters.

Via Fest 2015 includes work from Sam Rolfes, Nick Briz and Brannon Dorsey, James Connolly, Alex Myers, Yaloopop, Luke Wisher, Drmbt, Donnie Fredericks, Eric Wolinsky, Wesley Kimler, & Public Works x Someoddpilot.

Sam Rolfes
Nick Briz
Brannon Dorsey
James Connolly
Alex Myers
Luke Wisher
Donnie Fredericks
Eric Wolinsky
Wesley Kimler