Rich Jones ft. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Dreaming

Chicago’s Rich Jones is as inventive as he is prolific. In the decade since he started releasing music under the moniker, the rapper’s churned out a handful of EPs and a pair of studio albums that show a penchant for catchy hooks and quick wit, oftentimes stringing together narratives that are equal parts charmingly heartfelt and humorously half baked.

In Dreaming, Jones pairs up with Chicago-based rapper and multi-instrumentalist Nnamdi Ogbonnaya to deliver a smooth, hypnotic meditation on liminality, brought to life with a stress dream of a video centered around an aerial mission gone terribly wrong.

Writer, Projections, Practical Effects
Bob Zegler

Rich Jones
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Producer, Styling, Production Design
Katey Meyer Evans

Director, DP, Editor, VFX
Connor Weitz

Becca Christman

PA, Runner
Sabrina Siegel