Shawnee Dez, Inside

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Shawnee Dez communicates with the past and future with her multi-layered soundscapes. The project oscillates between somber and soulful, upbeat and downtempo, but it never loses that crucial, defining aura of other-worldliness.

With Inside, Shawnee takes us to a hazy dreamworld, full of prismatic light and poetic movement, where she unfurls in a sea of color and shared energy. Here, we’re witness to a complete transformation as the artist finds release, celebrating desire and embracing change in all its forms.

Director & Editor
Aliya Haq

Katey Meyer

Shawnee Dez
Kora Johnson
Gabi Laing
Bernie Williams
Mizani Day

Director of Photography
Paige Hochstatter

Ryan Winnicki

Key Grip
Camryn Tabiolo

Assistant Director
Leila Sherbini

Set & Wardrobe Stylist
Abigail Lipp

Makeup Artist 
Shawnee Dez

Hair Stylist
Mizani Day

Nail Artist
Sam Truong

Production Assistant
Alexandra Buhrow

Motion Designer
Myra Rivera

Special Thanks
Jana McLain
Ellie Hall

Behind The Scenes