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Futbol is Life Zine

Futbol is Life Zine

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Fútbol is life. Fútbol is energy, shared across time. Fútbol is out of your head. Fútbol is an invitation to play. Fútbol is forever.

@publicworksgallery has been sponsoring the Roscoe Village Football Club for the past year, a team of neighborhood coaches who found each other on the sidelines of their kids weekend games. Most of them are new to the US - from 13 different countries altogether - and have found friends and made a home on the field and over late night burritos and beers.

Some of the best parts of the game deserve to be celebrated, regardless of Qatar and FIFA, that the World Cup ultimately stands for: the game is of and for the people, it literally gets people into the game and on the field and together.

32 page zine. Newsprint, Full color.

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