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Sleeping Village Print

Sleeping Village Print

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All proceeds to be donated to Chicago's independent music venues through CIVL.

24"x36" blotter pigment print on bond paper
Edition of 50
Joi Fulton

"Sleeping Village is a special venue for me because it was the first venue that I’d had been to alone for a concert. I know that sounds kind of anticlimactic but it was a big step for me, I was going through big changes in my life and Ross From Friends were playing and I decided what let’s go for it! And it was the best time I’ve ever had! And the reason I decided to do ghost was because I felt like I just blended in with the crowd and we were all just the same people there for a good time. I also felt so welcomed when I walked in (even though I didn't know anyone). But I felt very safe and sound and ready to have this new experience, and I’m glad sleeping Village was where is happened!"

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